The company works since 1970 in the sector of precision mechanics for third parties with a vast array of traditional and computer assisted machineries. We create details on projects on medium and small series.
Computer assisted milling on 3-5 axis
In addition to vertical working posts with a maximum stroke of 600x600x2000, since last year we have this new milling machines:
Mobile standard milling machine I.M.PARPAS Mod. ML 90
* working area: 4000x1500x1200
* double universal rotating head TU 600 indexed on the level at 45
144 different positions interspaced by 2.5 fully computerized
* speed of mandrel: 5000 rounds/minute - 12 bars
* size of the base: 3000x1500x300
* computerized rotating base of 1320x1500 with a carrying capacity
of 10 tons
* number of utensils: 30 changeable both vertically and
- equipped with 2 cubes and 2 squares 800x700x600 and 4 magnetic bases
- controlled by SELCA 4000

2-4 axixs Computerized lathing
In addition to traditional lathes:
Nr. 4 computerized lathes with a maximum diameter of 550 mm
Nr. 1 lathe BIGLIA mod. B1200 controlled by Fanuc, maximum diameter of 720 with a stroke of 1300 mm
Nr. 1 lathe BIGLIA mod. B659YS controlled by Fanuc, with an opposite mandrel of 250-165 mm. and a pushing barrel with a maximum diameter of 52 mm.

Steel tubes cutting
- Cutting and drilling of steel tubes by robotic plasma machines with a maximum diameter of 610mm, thickness 15 mm, length 610mm.
- well furnished warehouse of steel tubes ranging from 20 to 610mm in ST and ASTM
-nr 2 sandblasters

Buratti Roberto Officina Meccanica
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New Site:Via del Lavoro n.22,Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore(VI) tel.0444-764673 fax 764949

type 1 processing
base for utensil machine of 2000x1000

type 2 processing
mould support of 500x600

Contact:Mr. Fabio Tel 0444-764673